Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Most Exciting Thing in Sweden is the Toast?

Swedes are often portrayed as being emotionless and quiet loners. This is getting less and less true perhaps, but stereotypes are hard to shake and ABBA alone does not a jubilant stereotype make.

Maybe swedes are just a little repressed. All it really takes to see the person trapped inside is to put a swede in another country (especially a warmer one which is nearly every other one in the world) and/or give them some alcohol. Every Stockholm party I've been to no one says a word until the third drink. Then suddenly everyone has a bubbly personality. I am pretty much the same way. I guess that's why Sweden suits me so well. Who wants to fucking chat sober?

What other national stereotypes are there out there? Like for instance Danes are known for being aggressive, Irish for being drunks, Germans for being pushy, Japanese for taking too many goddam pictures, and Americans for being loud, obnoxious, fat, and often rich (the ones who make it Europe at least which aren't many).