Saturday, September 11, 2010

Adobe ... The Master of Bloatware?

I just installed Adobe Acrobat Reader on my Windows 7 box... which according to Adobe supposedly takes up to 335MB when fully installed. The download itself is 53.5 megabytes.

Now I hate PDFs as much as the next person, but they are a fact of life. You just gotta deal with them sometimes. I used to use Foxit Reader (which uses a lot less disk space and likewise memory), but I got a really fast machine now so I thought I might as splurge and use the original.

Of course Adobe Reader is a real stinker like most other Adobe products. It runs a daemon in the background which wants to update itself more often than my Antivirus software. Do PDFs really evolve that quickly that I need an update every week? No. It's just that the program, despite being so large, is about as secure as a pastrami sandwich guarding an open bank vault. And how can it take 335 megabytes to render a PDF when it only takes 1 megabyte to run the whole fucking space shuttle?

My Windows tip for the day is to run 'msconfig' and disable everything that says Adobe in there.

Some interesting facts:

1. The computer which runs the space shuttle really does only use 1 megabyte of RAM.

2. Windows 7 recommended storage space is 16 to 20 GB.

3. If this post interests you for some reason, I wrote an article on the difference between storage and memory on my EFL website English 4 IT.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Swedish Military Vs USA Military

I found this Swedish military shit on YouTube. Funny funny funny. It lists an American military commercial and a Swedish military commercial.

Here is a Swedish anti-tank weapon in action... holy moose meatballs!

People in the military may be tough but they look silly to us civvies. Why does every move involve either putting your head or hands on the genitalia of another man? Just get a hotel room for chrissakes.

Last and least here is a couple frumpy woman and a hot Swedish girl talking about how Sweden is not all neutrality and free day care. I didn't know before this that Saab made grenade launchers. I hope they are not as quirky as the cars are - or people are going to blow themselves up. Also whoever made this video.. nice job on the audio sync lol. As for Sweden making weapons while they haven't been to war in 200 years... yes it's a bit of a hypocritical shame. However Sweden has the second highest standard of living in the world ( after Norway which is basically the same thing as Sweden but with mountains and oil wells ) so they must be doing something right.