Thursday, November 24, 2005

Microsoft X-Box Group is Evil

Okay I know I know... nobody who reads this cares.


Here are some Xbox 360 statistics:

- There are over 1700 parts inside every Xbox 360. The unit is made in China where recently a river of toxic slime flowed into a city without warning.

- Some say Microsoft intentionally did not release enough units so they would create the kind of headline grabbing XBox violence that occurred in a middle America Walmart yesterday.

- Microsoft loses $126 with each Xbox 360 sale in an attempt to grab market share from its rivals. Last year the Xbox 360 division of MS lost over $300 million even though the console sold better than expectations.

- Microsoft has this money to burn because of illegal trade practices it has remained largely unpunished for, and of course a great marketing and legal team.

- Initial reports say that many of the new XBox 360 consoles are defective. Some reports say that the design of the unit has fundamental problems.

- Microsoft's main goal with the Xbox 360 is to be the brains of the world's living room. If MS gets its way, you will be able to play games, watch movies, order pizza, surf the web, etc from your couch. They expect to sell 3 million units this Christmas and 5.5 million units by July.

- Sony is not expected to release its competing product, Playstation 3, until the Spring of 2006. Chances are it will be a much higher quality unit with better games and worth the wait.


myke said...

microsoft xbox 360 is not for me as they don't build in automatic backward compatibility for original xbox games. they chose specific ones that are allowed to be played on the new unit. it's clearly an attempt to force an upgrade. sony, however, has built in automatic backward compatibility for all previous games for the ps1 to be played on the ps2 and all ps1 & ps2 games will be able to be played on the ps3.

Svenja said...

don't think that i will ever play a game on this thing but my shares aren't doing too bad over it. capitalism sucks but if it buys me dinner i will not immediately complain :)

Sloth said...

Mike. you are truly a credit to your race.

Svenja, cash in your MS stock for some beer 'cause santa sloth is comin' to town.

Sloth said...

All my old XBOX games do run on my XBOX 360 although not with a VGA adapter for some reason.

As for the river of toxic slime in China, well that's what they get for being the manufcturing center of the world.

Sloth said...

xbox 360 rulez. especially xbox live. i was wrong. i apologize. wii is pretty good too.