Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Job Interview for Sloth

It's been a month and I now have a legitimate job interview coming up. I must say I am excited.

The job is for a Webmaster position with some Swedish dot com which I will not mention at least until I get the job maybe.

I want to get a job because honestly its little boring sitting around all day with no money to spend on Playstation or a new Gaming PC.

It would be different if I were writing like made finishing TLDDGH (my new novel) or working on my third novel (Stabbing at the Heart of Paris) or even my short story, oddly enough called Floccinaucinihilipilification, but I'm not.

I spent Sunday hungover and Ingrid took a picture of me passed out on the Tunnelbahna. In my defense it was 3:00 a.m. and the fucking trains only run once per hour.... so what was I supposed to do? I hate always being the drunkest one at a party but I am pretty much socially a wallflower without the booze so I end up being the entertainment. And everyone knows being entertaining is tiring. If you look closely at the picture you can see the wine stain on my pants. I must have spilled my last glass.

The last two days I was on a mission to walk from Downtown to my apartment in Huvudsta. Its far by most people's standards but I managed to do it today. Yesterday (and all the other days) I kept getting lost and ending up on the opposite side of the city. As the Swedish say when they are happy... hurrah hurrah.


Tragic the Pixie said...

I love the picture - you were not the only one passed out in the subway sunday morning! I was passed out on a bench in the Toronto subway with my other raver friends; we just don't think DJ got it on video.

Sloth said...

Thanks Pixie xoxox

myke said...

i love that picture too. it's classic. i didn't pass out drunk while in nyc recently but i sure came close. tom was with me the worst time .. oddly, mccutcheon & i only saw each other sober. and saw the hitchhiker's guide together. he said that movie reminded him of you.