Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bestiality on the Rise

According to The Local, an English newspaper printed in Stockholm, bestitality is on the rise in Sweden. I find this to be a bit odd. I mean, with all the hot women here it seems bizarre. I would understand in other places, like Arabia, Wales (with all those sexy sheep), or New Jersey... but Sweden, come on now.

Apparently the ban on bestiality was lifted in 1944 along with the ban on homosexuality. And since then things have been taking off gangbusters. Same sex marriages are legal here now, however this doesn't extend to trans-species unions.

Curiously enough, the main concern in the article is that people are hurting the animals. At first I thought... no way is a normal man going to hurt a horse, but then Ingrid told me they often use a knife to cut the animals first (I can't imagine what for but she assures me it's common).

Until next time... remember if you are going to have sex with an animal, do it in Sweden where its legal. But don't do it in front of me. Because I will call the police on you anway.


Sloth said...

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Sloth said...

Can you see the Swedish Parliament in 1944, during the end of WWII with Germany falling and atom bombs droping in Japan, covening and making bestiality legal?

Ah, the wonders of the independent-minded state.

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