Monday, April 18, 2005

It's 10:34 am and I am listening to 2-Pac. I don't know why. I am not really a hip hop fan but I admit I like to listen to it sometimes. It seems weird to sit with my morning coffee in Stockholm listening to songs about drive-bys and brothers converting to Islam and skeezers and bopping to all those slow bumpy bass lines. I have about 2,000 albums in my mp3 collection and I like all of them, even 2-Pac.

The past week I have been hanging out with Monte in Stockholm. Last Friday he went off to Prague for the weekend and I went South for the weekend (Southern Sweden that is) to Jonkopping to visit the in-laws.

Monte and I had a great time taking the Tunnelban (Stockholm subway), walking around the city, sailing around the city (the subway passes work on the boats), and of course drinking on the docked boats and all the cheap bars we managed to find.

The cheapest bar was one called Kellys in Sodermalm, which is the south island of Stockholm (Stockholm is kind of like an archipelago). In Sweden people don't use apostrophes so if you want to say "Kelly's Bar" you would just say "Kellys Bar". This doesn't confuse them because you don't add an "s" to make things plural like in English.

Kelly's has 19 kronor ($2.80) bottles of Tuborg beer which is the cheapest in Stocholm. Salty licorice shots are also available for 19 kronors ($2.80). There is also a mandatory 15 kronor ($2.00) coat check so if you are on a extra small budget don't bring coat. There is a mini casino in the pub like in most Swedish bars. I am against gambling on principal, although I admit its probably a good way to make money to have gambling in a pub.

The theme of the bar is American, vaguely stereotypical, with steer heads hanging from the wall and old wagons and that sort of ghost town cowboy motif. The music in Kellys is Heavy Metal in nature and they play Guns in Roses, Metallica, and all the other hard rock hits of 15 years ago. I was never what you would call a heavy metal or hard rock fan, but I actually like the Guns and Roses a little... I can admit it now... they were like a bad auto accident you just had to look sometimes.

So I admit I am not building up Kellys very much. Did I mention the beer was the cheapest in Stockholm? When the dollar gets stronger or when I get a job I will probably find a new hangout but until then its a great place to enjoy drinking without worrying about the bank account. The fact that its the cheapest bar in Stockholm makes all the crazies come out and its easy to hook up there (Monte managed to find a very Swedish cutie there in less than 2 hours and went home with her).

I remember a comment he made to me while he was snuggling with Angelica at the table. Earlier in the day while we were walking around Stockholm I made a comment that I had a weird dream in which I called Tiger Woods on the phone to congratulate him on his winning his 6th Masters and ask him if he wants to go camping. This is weird because I am not a golfer, and I hate camping. The subconscious is a fucking mystery to me.

So Monte related to me when THIS HOT 20 YEAR OLD SWEDISH GIRL JUST SITS DOWN AT YOUR TABLE NEXT TO YOU AT A PUB AND ASKS IF YOU WANT TO COME HOME TO SLEEP WITH HER that is just as weird as dreaming of chatting up Tiger Woods about going camping. Of course it was me with the weird dream and Monte sleeping with the Swedish girl so some weirds are better than others. But I guess I have a Swedish girl of my own so fuck it. And come to think of it... so does Tiger Woods. So maybe the six of us should go camping after all. I hate sleeping outside but I bet Tiger Woods could buy us a nice RV, a couple eightballs, some Tuborg, and we could have a nice party.

Monte comes back from Prague today. I bet we'll end up back at Kellys tonight.

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