Sunday, April 03, 2005

On the Third Day God Created Jetlag...

It’s now the beginning of my third day in Sweden. I still have not found reliable Internet access so all my Swedish Sloth posts are going to run together. That’s okay however. I really miss the Internet. Norman Cook (Fat Boy Slim) once said that he never partied, drank, or did drugs on a vacation because that’s what he did everyday in his normal life. Makes sense. So on my vacation in Hawaii I too tried to drink less and use the Internet less.

It didn’t work too well. I drank as much as I normally do and sat in front of my computer for hours scanning the airwaves for a potential wireless network I could tap into. Fruitlessly, I tried to use my Dad’s dial-up account, but after 10 years of using broadband (yes I have had broadband for most of 10 years now) using dial-up seems like something out of the 70’s along with Jiffy-Pop popcorn and TV dinners. Call me impatient, but when it takes 20 seconds for a page to load and the damn connection hangs or freezes every 5 minutes that’s not the Internet, that’s the Internot.

Today is a party in Linda and my honor. The family is up from the South and we will celebrate in the Swedish tradition by drinking and eating too much. Fine by me. I wish I wasn't so goddammed jetlag so I could enjoy it.

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