Sunday, April 10, 2005

Hungover in Huvudsta

Linda and I are settling into the pad in Huvudsta, a little residential neighborhood in Northwestern Stockhol. I don't think its hit me yet that I've moved over here for anything more than a vacation. Perhaps it will sink in soon. I've been sick so I've just been hanging around the pad reading Brothers Karamazov, taking long baths, and thanking God I am not at work back in Seattle. I was working long hours for mediocre pay and always arguing with my business partner over stupid shit that one of us did wrong. I am not cut out for the 9-5 grind I tell you and definitely not the 8 to 6 grind which is more typical nowadays on Bush's side of the Atlantic.

Which reminds me... Bush is not my President. I don't even know who my President is. In fact I don't think I have one any more. Wait, duh, I have a Prime Minister. Linda says his name is Göran Persson. No relation to Nina Persson of the Cardigans apparently.

Last night we went to a party hosted by Johan and Anna, two of my new friends. Johan is a tall thin phD student who looks like Bjorn Borg. Anna is of Bengali descent and I don't know what she does but she has been a friend of Linda's for some time.

Anyway, Johan informed me the other night that the Swedes are weekend warriors and normally stay sober in the weekdays and get really drunk on the weekends. I am going to try to do that too. I will stick to the beer on the weekdays anyway. I don't believe in weekend warrioring. It's against my religion (I'm an orthodox dipsomaniac).

I miss McCutcheon. Maybe I said this last time, but it bears repeating and I love to talk to him drunk and I hope he and Danielle stay together and have beautiful children and raise them in Austria so I am not the only cunt who lives in a cold European country. Then Lind and I can visit and we can all go skiing at Zell Am Zee and eat fondue and drink lager.

I miss my bro Lee too, and his 3 beautiful daughters who are my nieces. I hope to visit them often, because they live in Florida. I think the high here today was 45 degrees and everyone is talking about how warm it is. I didn't go outside at all. Linda went out for pizzas and sodas and we watched our Alan Partridge DVD which is one of the funniest things I haves seen. It stats Steve Coogan who played Tony Fucking Wilson in 24 Hour Party People (I think).


myke said...

sloth ... it was near 80 here today. i've worn shorts, tshirt, and sandals all day today.

i'll see mccutcheon & tom & danielle in early may for a few days. of course, mccutcheon and tom don't seem to be seeing so much of each other since danielle is around. i don't know what that's all about.

Sloth said...

Well Myke, I'll leave that to your imagination.

myke said...

ok. so i lied. i don't even need to guess what it's all about. it's not like i don't know at least a large chunck of what was going on between tom and mccutcheon for a while. and most of my knowledge came straight out of mc's mouth when he least realized it.

as they used to say on that episode of seinfeld ... "not that there's anything wrong with it"