Monday, July 18, 2005

LL Bean in Sweden -- Thanks Mom

My mother is obsessed for some reason with buying all my presents lately from L.L. Bean. I think everything I have gotten in the past 2 or 3 years has been from them.

I can't figure this out. Does she think LL Bean is a hip place to shop? Does she think I think LL Bean is a hip place to shop? I haven't worn flannel since 1993.

My birthday isn't even for two months and she has been nagging at me to pick something out of the LL Bean catalog for the past couple months already. She not too spontaneous. She is the kind of person who knows what she's doing a year from now. So she is getting rather panicky.

I looked in the LL Bean catalog and didn't see anything I wanted. Maybe some flannel underwear? Moccasins? Mom, if you're reading this I hate the Great Outdoors. I live in a city. Remember you even taught me the rule, "Don't wear brown in town." The one Dad always breaks. Now is not the time to forget that valuable lesson you taught me. I need money Mom. Please send me money for alcohol for my birthday. I promise I will buy you something from LL Bean for Christmas after I get a job.

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