Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hang Loose, Moose

Sorry about the lack of posts... between being sick, working, class, moving across town and thus not having Internet access at home... it´s been a tough couple weeks.

In the meantime please enjoy this picture of a moose.


myke said...

we shall enjoy the picture of the moose.

hey, are you working for yourself or the man?

Sloth said...

I am working for myself. Not full time but at least its a start. I am teaching some English and also doing some it consulting.

Darren said...


You're teaching English?

That's the second time you've made me shot coffee out through my nostrils.

Sloth said...

Darren, I'm glad to be an easy source of amusement for you again.

No really, teaching English is something anyone can do. True I am a terrible conversationalist, and I don't know anything about grammar, and I have been known to disappear for days on drug and alcohol induced binges... but some of my students look forward to my classes and they all pay me so there you go.

rabbit said...

I think I would probably strangle people if I had to teach them english.

Sloth said...

Nice to hear from you Rabbit! But strangle them? I thought in Texas you just shoot them.