Sunday, February 12, 2006

Jesus is the Bomb

Well it was a busy week to be me. First off, the Seahawks lost to the Steelers in SuperBowl XL and I really didn't know who to root for because I am a Steeler by birth and a Seahawk by choice... but still a sloth by nature and so I passed out 1/2 hour before the game started. Congratulations, Seattle, I always knew you could get to the finals and then choke... again.

A week later it is still snowing and there is a 20 foot high pile outside my window. Maybe I will take a picture of me by it tomorrow. Maybe I'll just keep drinking. I am doing shots of Aquavit on a Sunday night and drinking 3.5 Carlsbergs wishing McCutcheon were here and we could go ice skating on pills. Weeeeeeeee.

The buzz in Sweden nowadays is still from the Danish cartoons and how the Swedes are afraid they will be guilty by association with the Danes for speaking their minds. The Swedes are not ANYTHING like the Danes. Danes are impulsive fighters. The Swedes are thinkers, and non-confrontational to a fault. I fit in perfectly here.

But the word on the street, if you stop to ask people, is that the Muslims can all take a long walk of a short fjord if you know what I mean. I feel the same way. Making fun of stuff that is silly is a human right.

I read an interesting op/ed piece with some help from Linda which asked the question: How weak is your God if he is threatened by a Danish cartoonist? Nothing hurts worse than the truth and the truth is that Allah is a bad joke played on some gullible people by some power-tripping male chauvenists 1400 years ago.

More enlightenment soon, I promise. In fact, let's make fun of the Danes. I am sure they have more of a sense of humor than some other people I could mention.

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