Saturday, February 18, 2006

More Incomprehensible Scandinavian Humor

Okay that last post was supposed to be a joke about Danes. I pulled a fast one by inserting a joke about Swedes instead. I apologize. It's just that I find Swedish jokes to be way funnier than Danish jokes.

There are some real surprises about Swedish jokes. It's a mystery to me how more of them do not contain references to big tits, moose or snow in them. Swedes have great tits, talk about moose like they are some kinf of magical creatures like unicorns, and it's been snowing now since October. I imagine there's some good material there.

Instead Swedish jokes seem to poke fun at Finnish people (easy target) and other Scandinavians (almost as easy target). Perhaps we should explore this area further and do like an ontological study of Swedish humor? Javisst.

Here is my imromptu Swedish joke blueprint:

"As I look out the window I see the gentle flakes drifting downwards through my Saturday morning hangover gaze and I have a vision of Spring and the fall harvest. With it staying light to almost 4:00 PM it's only a matter of time before the thermometer climbs up above zero and turns the whole country into a Dirty Blonde Slushy. Reveling in this idyll, a moose comes along and takes a dump on my lawn and I swear at once in Swedish and make a brilliant semantic pun on the tribulations of living so close to the polar circle."

Ha ha!

Okay, impromptu humor architect I definitely am not... and I am in good company here.


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Anonymous said...

Looks like we have a real dickhead on our hands, someone who appreciates Swedish humour. Sweden is great for people like you, Swedes make you look humorous and interesting.

Sloth said...

With comments like that no wonder you are Anonymous. I've seen spambots post better and more appropriate comments. I would love to know what country you are from making fun of Sweden. Cause baby I've seen every country in Europe and it doesn't get much better. And outside of Europe the world goes downhill... but fast.