Friday, March 02, 2007

Abba at Eurovision '74

I was 3 when this video was made. I wish it was the 70's now. You could smoke inside and drink Chardonnay in the morning, and eat fondue and quaaludes for dinner, and white people could have afros, and Swedes could be international pop-stars, and everyone thought it was groovy.


Anonymous said...

Actually you probably won't believe me but I watched a whole buttload of Abba videos on YouTube a few weeks ago. All in one sitting. I told my friend I wasn't sure why I felt compelled to do this except that it has bugged me for years that when faced with a list of their song titles, I could not remember how most of them went.

People say they were so huge, but I don't recall them having really heavy US radio airplay, at least from 1979 onward, I guess I can't speak for what it was like before that.

Anyway, so it was fun to watch the Abba videos but then I realized I probably was never going to be a huge Abba fan and I couldn't help that, and also I wanted to hear the guys in the band sing more.

I have no problem with Abba. I don't hate them. They are much, much better than most music that comes out today. But would I buy one of their records? No. Never have, never will. - Marky

Anonymous said...

This is a fun video to watch, though. In fact, I think You Tube is one of the best things in the world.