Friday, May 18, 2007

My Bad.... XBOX 360 Rules

Last November I wrote a rather off-the-cuff post about the XBOX-360 without really testing one first. I have owned one for about six months now and I must say I was completely wrong. The XBOX 360 is totally fantastic in nearly every way from the controllers to the graphics. The games are incredible as well.

This is wonderful news for many reasons... but most of all because the number one reason I had for not switching to Linux on my computer was games. Gaming on Linux is not so good. But now... nothing is stopping me from running a real operating system on my computer and going to the XBOX (connected to a projector of course and hi-fi sound system) when I need a break.

Since I just got a virus on my computer today running that awful crap known as Windows XP Home Edition, I will be installing Ubuntu when I get home today and running Windows XP Home in a VM Ware virtual machine as God intended when I need to use a legacy app or remember what a Blue Screen of Death looks like (or run Photoshop or IE6 to test a website).

Sorry this post is a little geeky... but it had to be said. And Microsoft if you are reading this please put the XBOX group in charge of your next computer OS or else it's all over for you (if it isn't already). The masses can't be that far behind the geeks.

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Sloth said...

Wow since I wrote this I migrated to Ubuntu Feisty Fawn on my primary computer and really like it. I mean it kicks the shit of XP.

And Xbox Group in true ass-licking M$ fashion blocked all video downloads in Sweden so now I can't download South Park and Dukes of Hazzard. What a rip.

Oh well.. back to bit torrent!