Saturday, July 07, 2007

Back to the USA for Some June 07 Fun

This Sloth loves traveling!

I've said before I won't have kids until I've seen the whole world... the problem is I keep going back to the same places most of the time. Luckily I don't really want kids.

I am trying my best to take the Summer off this year and so to celebrate I just repeated a trip from last November and spent 2 weeks in the USA...

First, I hooked up with old Pax Acidus mate McCutcheon in New York. We spent the mornings playing tennis and the afternoons and evenings drinking around the beaches and outdoor bars.

Then it was off to Miami to visit the bro in Boca Raton. There it was a rock n' roll diet of boat drinks, etc for 6 days in Boca and Key West. Wow it feels great to be able to do all this at 36 and have so much fun.

Thanks to all the guys (and girls) in Lefty Lucie for providing the tunes. I hope I can still do this at 66.

The best reason to go to Florida is still to see my beautiful and crazy nieces!

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