Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bergman Loses Chess Match With Death

People here are very sad. It's hard to summarize what Ingmar Bergman means to this nation of 9 million. He is the only man who could wrestle Abba and Bjorn Borg for world's most famous Swede award. And now he is now deader than a proverbial meatball.

I actually quite liked the films I saw of his as well. The Seventh Seal was amazing. He always had good looking girls in there too. He was no Tarantino, but he was not some uber-intellectual bore either as he was made out to be. His films are quite watchable even for a modern audience used to Hollywood flicks.

Now comes the sad hard realization that he will always be dead and even sadder realization that his movies will shown on TV for the next few months when I am trying to catch South Park. Lovely Linda will watch them and it will drive me to drink. Young people will see him and emulate him... and most likely fail to capture any of his brilliance while at the same time boring a new generation of Swedish alcoholics.

Bye-bye Bergman. Although we never sat down and had fika, or got drunk on snaps and gorged ourselves on pickled herring and potatoes, and although you would probably think me an insignificant and petty American capitalist whore, I did know your neighbor on the tiny island of Fårö, and he heavily insinuated you were a bit of a reclusive megalomaniacal pain in the ass. But most geniuses are I guess.


Anonymous said...

I love your blog! Quoting Marge Simpsons: "Long time lurker, first time speaker-upper"

But his name was Ingmar. Ingrid Bergman was his fifth wife.

Anonymous said...

His name was Ingmar Bergman. Ingrid was his fifth wife.

Awesome blog by the way!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid to say it, but Ingmar Bergman's films never sat well with me. Pretentious, inscrutable toss, complete with ridiculous close-ups by the camera. Watching his films doesn't mean you're deep, it just means you're stupid, imho. - Marky

Sloth said...

Okay I accidentally wrote Ingrid at first instead of Ingmar. Ingrid Bergman was of course the extremely good looking and famous academy award winning actress from the 50's.

Anonymous said...

Blog Owner

Ogg Blown-er

Rog Boner

Smog Stoner!

- Marky