Thursday, November 08, 2007

Bindeez... the toy of choice for young ravers

Yes. Bindeez are here. They melt in your mouth and turn into GHB in the stomach. What could be a better Christmas present for a young tyke? How about a Pez dispenser that gives out MDMA?

Not a lot of people know much about GHB. It's a great drug... nothing like the bad press it gets. Date rape drug? Don't know about that one. I thought Rohypnol was the date drug drug? When I was a kid Bartles and James wine coolers was the date rape drug of choice used by the football team to get the cheerleaders cherries. Anyway, GHB is a great laugh. More akin to nitrous oxide than anything serious.

I used to take a GHB occasionally in the 90's. It was a great way to come down after a hard workout swimming (or a night out clubbing). They used to sell it over the counter in nutrition stores. The effect of the drug is to make you perfectly relaxed. One weird side effect is it makes you really horny. Trust me nobody is going to have to rape anyone on GHB. I would let George The Animal Steele have his way with me on enough of that stuff.

Another thing I cannot figure out is why so many kids are eating their toys. The Australian girl in the CNN spot I saw looked about 12. Seriously parents, if your 12 year-old kids are eating their toys it's time to up the Ritalin dosage.

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