Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Computer Addiction

When you live in an isolated and tiny country like Sweden, you start to notice after a while that nothing actually happens until it happens here. No one really went up in space until the Swedish astronaut last year, there were no school shootings until the one in Finland (formerly Swedish-ruled) and the like. If the USA is the cutting edge of the knife, Sweden is more like the wooden handle.

What am I on about this time? Well the first Swedish kid has been isolated and forced to seek treatment for internet addiction. Internet addiction is when you spend too much time on the computer to the exclusion of other things like real social interaction, school, work, and athletics.

To me, this is a form of obsessive/compulsive male depression. Best to let it run its course. The very worst thing that could happen is the kid turns out to be a tech support worker. More likely they will end up a programmer. In any case, they will beat off to computer porn. So what's the big deal? Leave the kids alone I say. When you make people think they are sick when they are just hopeless geeks you stigmatize them and the obsession becomes a compulsion. Then they rape sheep or blow up schools. At least that's my $.02.

The real problem to me are parents who constantly worry about their kids. After all, taking a quick look around, 95% of us grow up to be assholes anyway. We might as well be able to spend our youth how we want.

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