Sunday, February 27, 2005

Bye Bye North America

Today is our last day in North America. I feel the Mayor of Seattle should be calling me and urging me not to go... that I am too valuable to the community. But of course that is ridiculous. I have been drunk since Friday at noon and it's Sunday today. Even poor Linda is hungover and the codeines are out of the bottle and into our mouths. We washed them down with the morning coffee.

Last night we went to George and Dragon with some non-work friends.... thanks for coming out! Ralph, Marky, Derek, Christiana, Richard, Tracy, and Craig. I will miss you all. Don't join the military or anything, even if you lose your jobs.

When you're a struggling writer, a random unsolicited note from a reader can really make even the worst hangover feel like a buzz... check this one out I got today:

"the rex club is the sex club was one of the best short stories i've ever read! seriously, it was phenomenally cool, and i just wanna say well done."
- shahid

Wow. And tomorrow it's a month in Hawaii. Life is good sometimes.

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myke said...

and i never even got to meet you in person, sloth! perhaps i will over in europe one day ...