Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Lazy Twatting Bastard Me

Okay Linda and I are leaving our apartment for the big move in two weeks and we haven't even begun to sell our stuff yet.

We have of course planned our trip to Hawaii very carefully. But now we might decide to go to Peru instead. Peru has all those cool Inca ruins and there are less bloody Americans there. But our main concern is that the drinks might cost too much. Peru is more third world and thus we can expect to get dollar beers wherever we go.

The alcohol price factor reminds me of the weekend trips Kyle and I used to take from our University days in Paris. We had spare Eurail tickets left over from the summer, and very limited funds. Every couple of weeks, we broke out the tattered collection of pages that remained from our Let's Go Europe book and researched where the beer was cheapest. Germany always won. So we would head East for a couple nights of drinking out in the beer halls. We hit Munich three times. In our defense, we also got to Salzberg, Austria once.

The preparation for moving is going extremely badly. If we don't get on the mf right away, we have to THROW EVERYTHING WE OWN AWAY. I guess that's okay. It's what I normally do when I move overseas. Every time I go I think I'm never coming back. This time its probably true.

The good news is, we still have saved up enough money to be alright. Two working people with no kids or Class A drug habits can do quite well in The States. We live downtown Seattle, eat out all the time, own a car, cable tv, broadband Internet access, and all that jazz.

The only question remaining is: What the fuck am I going to do in Stockholm for work besides write this blog and finish my second novel? I don't know. Fuck it. I'll figure something out. Teach English and start a mail order business to make money in the long term. Maybe open a bar.

Every country I have been to so far has a couple things that are amazingly cheap. In Germany its lager and sausages. In France, its bread, wine, and stinky soft cheese. In Spain it's tapas and sangria. In England its pints and chips. I am still trying to find out what's cheap in Sweden. . . I think its knäckebröd (crispy bread) and bulk candy. At least that's better than America, where its fast food and ammunition.

17 days to go. . .


Mark said...

Hi Sloth. Everything is/has been very crazy for me lately. I have not forgotten you. Next weekend will be better.

Would you want to go see the Futureheads with me on March 6?

Francis S. said...

Some people here are cheap, but that's about it.