Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Last American Month

The best parts in life are all in the anticipation and the waiting. Every day feels like Electric Iced Tea Christmas. One of the extra special things this time, because I have left the USA before, is that I know I won't have to come back ever again. And when I do come back, it will be as a tourist.

Everything is pretty much sorted right now for an on-time departure. I have received a PERMANENT residence card in Sweden. I have informed my business partner, Mark, that my last day is February 28th. Linda and I have found temporary lodging in Stockholm. She has also told her boss she is quitting. I got my teeth cleaned and cavities filled... and will hopefully schedule a health check-up imminently while I still have insurance. I even made a list of everything we need to sell before we go.

I had a deep cleaning at the dentist today and 3 cavities filled. It was my first trip to the dentist in years. The pain is still shooting through my mouth as I write this and I cannot wait to go home and pop some codeines and drink a few high balls.

Linda is busy studying the Let's Go Hawaii book in order to plan a vacation in Hawaii before the trip to Stockholm. We both love to lie on the beach, read, and go out at night so we should really have a good time in Waikiki which everyone who has been to Hawaii describes as a cheesy tourist place.

If most Americans hate it, then I am sure I will like it just fine. The rooms are cheap, the flight is cheap, the beach is three blocks away and I can write all morning and drink all evening. What's not to like about that?

People say that Kauai is the most remote and naturally beautiful island, so maybe Linda and I will day trek over there to see a remaining lush paradise that man hasn't destroyed yet.

This weekend is the Super Bowl. Go Eagles. The last time I remember the Eagles in the Super Bowl, I was like 10 years old. Ron Jaworski was the QB. The Eagles lost. My grandfather was upset. I wasn't. I was rooting for the Raiders. I never rooted for the home team. I was always with the visitors.

My grandfather is still alive and kicking it. He can't understand why I would emigrate to Sweden. Most of my friends think its pretty cool.

This year I am rooting for my grandfather's team, The Philadephia Eagles. Pennsylvania people may be farmerish, and small-minded, but New England people are some of the most annoying people in the world.

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