Thursday, June 09, 2005

God Hates Sweden

Some things are too good to make up.

Apparently God hates Sweden because:

"Swedes are drippings from the Devil's own penis - a veritable sperm bank for Satan's queers."

"Swedish kids are taught it's OK to be gay and incestuous."

"The Swedish King looks like an anal-copulator, & his grinning kids look slutty & gay!"

Nice one. Made me laugh and almost forget my hangover for a few minutes.

This guy really puts the 'mental' in fundamentalist.


myke said...

yeah ... i've seen that site. they blame all of us gays for bringing down the swedes, you know ... filthy sodomites that we are.

Sloth said...

Myke, I'll let you know when I discover something as filty as fundamentalism. Maybe they were all fucked up the ass as kids or something?

myke said...

no I'd say that it's more likely they need to be fucked up the ass right now. right now it's so tight it's a wonder they're collective heads don't explode.

Dafydd said...

I love the fact that these nutcases have the audacity to speak for an omnipresent and benign being.

Have you seen his "God Hates Canadians" sister site? V amusing.

Sloth said...

No but I've seen the God Hates America one. And the God Hates Fags one.

What is disturbing is that this guy is a preacher with a large following in the USA.

Later today I think I'll download some sermons for fun while I work.