Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Summer House

Sweden and the USA are more alike than different. Living here is in no way a cultural challenge like perhaps moving to China or Mexico. The natives really do try to be nice and they LOVE americans as much as they HATE American foreign policy.

But they do have their moments.

In America for a vacation we normally go somewhere hot and warm where we can be pampered a bit and drink fruity cocktails- Hawaii, Florida, California, Southern France, Italy, etc.

Not the Swedes. They all have summer homes in the middle of nowhere. They like to go there and pretend they are living in the 19th century Little House on the Praire style with no hot water, electricity, or anything like that.

That's what we did for Midsummer holiday. We went about 5 hours north of Stockholm on the outskirts of a town called Fränsta. It started out a little chilly and got gradually colder and wetter until we left. The last day it was 11 degrees Celsius on the 28th of June!

Swedish Satanic Midsummer Ritual

The Midnight Sun on Midsummer Eve

Swedes Really Like Summer Houses For Some Reason

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myke said...

i would be up for it except for the lack of indoor plumbing. that would suck.